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2021 Fashion Report for Jewellery 


    2021 is shaping up to be the year of experimental styles and personalisation that is much more, unique and authentic to the wearer.


    • Expect to see more interesting and unique jewellery styles with the mixing of genres and eras and even the mixing of metals and materials. This year is really shaping up to be the year of mixed and matched styles with so many fun variations 


    • Gold will remain the token tone with popularity but expect to see more and more Sterling Silver, Rose Gold and Platinum, as well as the rise of many long forgotten materials, that play homage to retro eras especially with the 1990s with Translucent Acrylics, Glass, Tortoise Shell, Coloured Stones and Beading as well as natural forms such as Seashells, Cowrie Shells, Conch, Moonstones, Opals and Pearls, which will be especially big. 


    • Encrusted jewellery with precious and semi precious gemstones is no longer relegated to night time wear, as the ever popular hip hop culture have lead the way with subtle to fully fledged bling becoming more mainstream. 


    • Pave encrusted diamonds real or man made with every jewellery form, will be big in 2021. Amping up jewellery with subtle touches of bling give off an effortless cool vibe; making for modern casual everyday wear.  


    90’s Vintage Style Fashions Are BIG 😀🦋


     1990s style jewelry trends

    • Vintage styles are becoming more prevalent, particularly with 90s styles, which is somewhat of a carry on from the previous couple of years, but don’t expect the exact past stylings, as for instance with the classic 1990s Choker Necklace, which is now modernly redefined with less traditional 1990’s style materials such as leather and lace, newly updated with more choice in variations of materials particularly with metal chains in delicate, dainty and chunky statement styles taking centre stage.


    • Chokers will also carry through a more clavicle style, which sits just under the collarbone as opposed to the more traditional tight necked chokers.


    • Layered Necklaces are as popular as ever, but expect to see less delicate chain styling and more statement trends taking off, as delicate chains have taken somewhat of a backseat to larger statement styles.


    • Layering styles have become more individualised with minimalist and dainty styles still trending but becoming more of an accompaniment to larger chunky chains and statement pieces.


    • The Chunky Chains trend is in full swing; with a 1980s /1990s New York Street style influence. 


    • The mixing of delicate minimalist pieces with retro classics such as the Fob Chain, Figaro Chains, and Curb Chains with large and wide variations of Link Chains is very much a trend.


    • There will be more edgy variations of the classics, by way of the mixing of styles, metals, colours and materials such as gorgeous vintage style Baroque Pearls on Chunky Chains that give off a modern edge to traditional styling.


    • Classic 1970s Punk Styles such as Safety Pins, Padlock and Key Chain hardware is softened with pave encrusted styling and with coloured stones for an even more fun casual vibe, which proves further anything really goes for 2021.


    • Mixed Metals will be huge in 2021 with hardware styles mixed with soft lines and materials. 


    • Natures Gems will be as popular as ever with pearls, cowrie shells and even natural seashell jewelry. 


    • We will continue to see gemstones popularity rising, as well as more and more spiritual and symbolic jewellery with Lucky Amulets and all things spiritual so expect more Zodiac, Birthstones, Evil Eye and Celestial inspired jewellery. 


    • Personalisation will become even more popular with name necklaces in many variations, of Nameplates, Initial Jewellery  in necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and even ankles.


    • Earrings will be the star this year with so many cool and unique ways to wear them such as mixed earring designs in each ear with either different length and or style, a Single Statement Earring, Multi Piecing's will be huge this year as people become more in-tuned of the benefits of Daith piercings even non pierced ears can enjoy the look of multi piercings with Cuffed Earrings, Ear Crawlers and the mega popular Huggie Hoop Earrings which is on the way to becoming a classic staple piece.



    Trending Rings Styles for 2021

    Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings 
    • The newest bands are bolder than ever, with diamond-encrusted, maximalist cigar bands, luxe signet rings and sparkly eternity bands that give the standard solid metal band a serious fashion upgrade.
    • Man made diamonds and non-traditional stones such as Moonstones, Opals and Coloured Gemstones such as Blue Sapphires, Rubys, Emeralds, Garnets, Tourquise and even multi coloured gemstone are becoming a thing, even more interesting people are choosing lifestyle materials in rings such as Silicon and Carbon bands, made popular by travel couple influencers and adventurers.



    Stackable rings are still in fashion with midis, thin and ultra skinny bands mixed with Cocktail Rings particularly Baroque Pearls and Signet Rings.

    Statement Rings are worn for not only fashionable style but as a form of self expression by way of lifestyle, loves and moods from serious to playful.


    So all in all 2021 is shaping up to be the year of individualism with anything goes by way of mixing and matching. 

    Now is the perfect time to experiment with styles because jewelry should never be boring.