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Street, Punk and Pearls? The Yin And Yang Of The Jewelry World

Who would have thought that the hottest trends in jewelry right now would be 70s punk and 90s New York City street style jewelry, that sit right alongside vintage ladylike "grandma-style" think antiquated Pearls mainly baroque, cameos coloured gems and the many intricate designs of days of old.

In fact on Pinterest right now the term "Grandma Style" has gone up 500% according to industry reports. You can easily find images of Baroque Pearl jewellery mixed with Minimalist Daith piercings and fully embellished Cuffed earlobes and all the while looking so effortlessly chic.

At the same time, Punk and Street style jewelry is making a massive comeback, think Safety Pin earrings, ( but in the form of proper earrings this time around ) Padlock and Key Pendants with Minimalist and Statement syles as well as chunky thick gold and silver iced out New York-style chains as well as the classic unisex Italian style chains such as Figaros, T-bars and Fog chains as a  real ode to the1980s and 90s. 

If ever there were a yin and yang of the jewelry world, this must surely be it.  

It seems everything old is new again but in a "New Modern" way, now more than ever there seem to be no rules for 2020 so there really is no excuse for boring jewelry.



Mix demure ladylike Pearls and Stones with Punk Padlocks and Safety Pins on bold wide Link Street Style Chains, as anything goes style-wise for 2020 so there really is no need to overthink as long as it looks and feels good go for it.

Why not make it easy for yourself and explore our new extensive range of "New Modern" jewelry of Pearls, Street and Punk style where you will find classic Tiffany style Heart Chains, Traditional and Rainbow Coloured Safety Pins, Ear Huggies, Looped Link Chain Earrings, Diamond Encrusted Ear Cuffs, Large Hoop Earrings plain or embossed with Pearls and or Diamonds, Spiked Bangles and Bulbous Rings.

Multi-layered necklaces have gone up a notch or two with Dainty Minimalist layering, which has been trending for quite some time now, taking somewhat of a backseat to the new Hot Trend of Bold Link Chains in varying lengths, sizes, and styles that look equally as good on there own as Statement pieces or try a combination of mix and matching Fine and Dainty layers with Chunky Chain necklaces.


What's hot right now?

We are seeing more and more combination styling whether it be wearing Minimalist Jewelry with Statement pieces and or the mixing of metals and materials such as wearing multi-coloured metals in Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold and Stainless Steel (hypoallergenic of course) as well as glass pieces, acetate and natural gems, stones, and shells such as Pearls, Cowries, and Conch. 

Lubelar has made it easy for you to shop because our pieces have purposely been curated to go together, so you can have fun with your own unique form of self-expression because like life jewelry should never be boring.






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