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Jade 100% Genuine Stone Facial Roller Massage Tool

Jade 100% Genuine Stone Facial Roller Massage Tool - Lubelar

Jade 100% Genuine Stone Facial Roller Massage Tool

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100% Genuine Jade Stone throughout Facial Massage Rollers. 

Crystal face roller and how to use

With the double-sided end rollers, the big roller is used to massage the neck, face, and jawline, the smaller roller is used for the eye area and the temple area.

Jade facial rollers are the ultimate "must-have' natural beauty tool every woman or man should own. An easy to use beauty tool to incorporate into your daily beauty routine.

  • Apart from the obviously beautiful and elegant design of the crystal rollers, they are also known to have many beauty-enhancing benefits with regular and proper use. 
  • Crystal facial massage rollers are widely purported to help with wrinkle reduction and lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce facial puffiness. 
  • Jade stones have been used for centuries as powerful healing tools, energizer amplifiers, and balancing agents.
  • What stone is the best to use as a facial rolling massage tool?

Any facial massage is beneficial for the skin when used regularly and correctly, the natural stone rollers have become the "IT" modern beauty tool due to its many features.


  • An easy smooth glide
  • Healing stone properties, and benefits with regular and proper use.
  • Skin cell rejuvenation and beautiful glowing skin from the massage circulation increasing the blood flow.
  • Cooling and calming the appearance of your skin. 
  • Helps with the absorption of facial creams, serums, masks, and other beauty products simply roll over into the skin.
  • Double-ended design with a large roller for gently rolling upward strokes of the neck, cheeks, and jawline, then switch to the smaller end roller head and focus on the eye area and temples.
  • Relieves facial tension by assisting with muscle toning and firming

A truly stylish beauty product tool, that would look good on your bathroom shelf or countertop.

  • JADE enhances wisdom, balance, and peace. It is a popular beauty tool as its amplifying properties adjust to your skin temperature therefore warming to your skin making it a perfect stone for the colder seasons. It is also a softer stone.  
  • ROSE QUARTZ is known as the heart stone promoting love and in particular, self-love making this the ultimate self-care beauty tool. It is also a soothing cool stone.
  • A beautiful boxed package with instructions making it perfect for gift giving.
  • Travel friendly with easy compact storage
  • A single Facial Massage Roller Tool


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